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Warranty and safety

The manufacturer's warranty is provided for the goods offered in the online store (hereinafter "Store"). When purchasing a product, the warranty card is an invoice with a fixed purchase date.

The warranty covers damage caused by manufacturing defects or the quality of raw materials. If the product has such problems during the warranty period, let us know.

To avoid misunderstandings, please read the product instructions carefully.

Warranty conditions:

1. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the product, scratches caused by careless use of the product.
2. The warranty does not cover the design elements of the product.
3. Warranty repairs will not be carried out on goods damaged by water if the body is not marked "waterproof".
4. The manufacturer has the right to refuse warranty repair of the product if traces of unqualified repairs are visible.
5. The warranty obligation is canceled if the buyer cannot present the bill of lading with the date of sale and the stamp of the authorized seller.
6. The warranty repair does not cover damage to the product caused by fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disasters.
7. These warranty conditions are in accordance with the consumer's rights.

Protection and security of your data when shopping

We value the security of your personal data. The processing of registration data will take place in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law, therefore:

The information you provide will not be passed on to third parties without your consent, or used in any other way without your prior consent.
During the registration process, you will not be asked for any kind of financial information, only the data necessary for drawing up the delivery documents.
If you find any discrepancies, please let us know immediately.