1. Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide an individual - an amperstore.com client - with information about the purpose, scope, protection, processing time and rights of the data subject at the time of data collection and processing of the client's personal data.

2. Data Controller

SIA "ART ELECTRIC", registration number 40003968874, legal address: Maza Nometņu street 47, Riga, LV-1002, any further ART ELECTRIC.

3. Processing of personal data

3.1. The ART ELECTRIC company collects, processes stores, erases and protects the personal data of clients on the basis of Regulation Nr.2016/679 on the protection of personal data, as well as other normative acts that are in force in the Republic of Latvia.

3.2. In accordance with existing laws related to the data processing system for individuals, the ART ELECTRIC company observes the following principles:

       3.2.1. The lawful and honest processing of personal data;

       3.2.2. The processing of personal data that have been received specific purpose;

       3.2.3. Ensuring that the received personal data are adequate and appropriate;

       3.2.4. Ensuring that the received personal data are precise;

       3.2.5. Ensuring that the data are not stored longer than necessary and are erased when the goal has been achieved;

       3.2.6. Ensuring that the rights of individuals are observed when processing personal data;

       3.2.7. Ensuring that the personal data are stored safely;

       3.2.8. Guaranteeing that the personal data shall not be shared with other companies or outside of the European Union, always observing secure and adequate protection in line with existing laws in Latvia, as well as Regulation No 2016/679 on the protection of personal data.

4. Categories of personal data processing

4.1. Categories of personal data depend on the services and products used by the client, with ART ELECTRIC having the right to process the following categories of personal data:

       4.1.1. Data, which the client submits to the ART ELECTRIC company;

       4.1.2. Name, surname, personal code or birthdate;

       4.1.3. Address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

       4.1.4. Bank data;

       4.1.5. Communications data, including information from e-mails ar letters related to the client's communication with the company;

       4.1.6. Microdata about visits to the Websites of the ART ELECTRIC company;

      If the client wants to ban the use of microdata, that can be done in browser settings, but in that case access to the site may be limited;

       4.1.7. Dates, time and time spent on the Internet.

5. Foundation for the processing of personal data

5.1. Agreement from the client, with the client, as the subject of personal data providing agreement ( subject's agreement) to the collection and processing of personal data for specific purposes, with a said agreement being based on free will and a personal decision that can be made or withdrawn at any moment, thus allowing ART ELECTRIC to process personal data. Where agreement is withdrawn, that shall in no way affect the lawfulness of the processing or the quality of received services that are based on agreement before the withdrawal;

5.2. The legitimate interests of ART ELECTRIC company that ensure the offer of high-quality services, with the company reserving the right to process personal client data to the extent that is objectively necessary and sufficient to ensure timely, high-quality and comfortable services, as well as to establish and support internal processes at the company.

5.3. The legal obligations of the company in that ART ELECTRIC has the right to process personal client data to satisfy legal requirements and to provide answers to lawful requests for information from state and local government agencies.

5.4. The conclusion and implementation of the agreement mean that the ART ELECTRIC company correlates and processes certain data that are collected before the agreement is concluded or during the term of the agreement so as to provide high-quality services to the client.

5.5. Implementing public interests or implementation of official authority means that ART ELECTRIC has the right to process personal data and in such cases, the foundation for the processing of personal data is included in and described by normative acts.

5.6. When handling a client's personal data, the company can conduct profiling to award bonuses, as well as to send automated individual offers that are offered only for business purposes and will create no legal consequences for the client.

6. Reasons for the processing of personal data

6.1. To conclude and implement the agreement with the client;

6.2. To evaluate the ability of the client to satisfy contractual obligations;

6.3. To ensure effective management of cash flows, including client payments and administration of debts;

6.4. To provide technical support in relation to services that are offered;

6.5. To facilitate the development of the sector and make a new service offer;

6.6. To process statistical data and engage in market analysis.

7. Obtaining personal data

7.1. The ART ELECTRIC company obtains personal data when the client:

       7.1.1. Purchase and use products and services from the company;

       7.1.2. Take part in competitions, lotteries or surveys;

       7.1.3. Visit the company's websites;

7.2. The ART ELECTRIC company and its authorized representatives have the right to process personal client data that are received from third parties ( e.g., a leasing company) if the client has agreed to this, and this is done on the basis of Regulation No2016/679 on the protection of personal data.

7.3. The ART ELECTRIC company and its authorized representatives have the right to process personal client data that are received from the client, doing so on the basis of Regulation No 2016/679 on the protection of personal data.

8. Personal data storage period

8.1. The ART ELECTRIC company is authorized to process and store personal data as long as at least one of the following criteria is met:

       8.1.1. As long as ART ELECTRIC or the client may pursue their legitimate interests (for example, to lodge an objection or to bring an action in court) in accordance with the procedures prescribed by external laws and regulations;

       8.1.2. As long as one of the parties has a legal obligation to keep the data ( for example, according to the Accounting Law, the company has to keep the invoices issued for 5 years, etc.)

       8.1.3. There is a contractual obligation between the customer and ART ELECTRIC company;

       8.1.4. As long as the customer's consent to the relevant processing of personal data is valid unless there is another legitimate basis for the processing.

9. The common use of personal data

9.1. The ART ELECTRIC company provides a client's personal data only at the necessary and sufficient level in accordance with the legal requirement and taking into account the objective circumstances of the specific situation;

9.2. Where necessary, ART ELECTRIC transfers personal data to authorized representatives of the company, doing so on the basis of Regulation No2016/679, and/or to partners, agents or service providers involved in ensuring and improving the quality of goods or services ordered or used by the client;

9.3. The company has the right to transfer client data to law enforcement institutions and other state or local government institutions if required to do so by law or after the request for information from the relevant institution.

10. Protection of personal data

10.1. The ART ELECTRIC company use modern technologies and takes into account technical and organizational requirements to protect the personal data of clients from unauthorized access, as well as accidental loss, destruction or disclosure of the data;

10.2. The company carefully examines all authorized persons, partners, agents, service providers, and company employees who process personal client data, also evaluating the use of appropriate security steps and storage of personal data in accordance with legal requirements;

10.3. The company bears no responsibility for any unauthorized access to personal data and/or the loss of personal data if that does not depend on the company ( e.g., the client's fault and/or negligence).

11. Rights of the client

11.1. The client has the right to withdraw the right to receive commercial announcements at any time, as well as to object to the profiling of his or her data;

11.2. This withdrawal does not influence the lawfulness of the processing of personal data and/or the quality of received services, as based on the agreement before the withdrawal;

11.3. The client has the right to amend all personal data about himself or herself that are at the company's disposal;

11.4. The client has the right to demand the erasing or limiting of the processing of personal data that is no longer necessary in accordance with the reasons why it was collected and processed after the request was submitted ( the "right to be forgotten");

11.5. The client has the right to obtain information about individuals or legal entities that have received information about the client;

11.6. The client has the right to receive or transfer his or her personal data to another data supervisor ( "transferability of data"), this right including only those data which the client has provided to the company on the basis of his or her approval or agreement and if the processing is automated; written request must be submitted to receive the aforementioned rights.